an introduction to wine

Recently I have changed my working city from one to another. At the same time, my working laptop also has changed. It now has stricter rules on installing software. My favorite pdf reader, foxit pdf reader, is not in the white list. According to the IT policies of the company, I have to fill in one application form and get it approved by my line manager. Then the company IT will help me to install the foxit pdf reader after approval. However, this is really cumbersome.

Now I have to rely heavily on my personal laptop. However, my personal laptop is installed with Ubuntu Linux OS. Although I installed the Linux version of the foxit pdf reader, unfortunately it doesn’t work well. It sometimes crashed unexpectedly. It is not as user-friendly as the windows version.

After searching the solution for this issue, I finally find it – WINE ( Windows emulator). This software allows you to run windows programs in Linux. An article about this is as below:

After the WINEHQ is installed in myUbuntu, I installed the windows version of foxit pdf reader. It works well and takes me to the favorite GUI.