package selection in rhel6 and rhel7 kickstart

Recently our product is migrating from rhel6 to rhel7. During this process, we encountered a wired issue that some rpm packages couldn’t be installed during Linux installation. We are using a customized rhel iso,  which is originally downloaded from redhat official website and is adapted for our product.

During the rhel7 iso customization, we kept that package selection command in the kickstart unchanged. However, some rpm packages can be installed during rhel6 installation, while those rpm packages can not installed during rhel7 installation.

We thought that there might be some other configuration affecting this behavior, so we tried to find it in the customized iso, but we failed. After searching it in the redhat website, we find the root cause.

Those rpm packages that can not be installed are all in the base group. In rhel6, base group is selected by default even if you don’t name it in the package selection command. However, in rhel7, base group is no longer selected by default. Our kickstart doesn’t select base group in the kickstart, so those rpm packages in base group will be installed in rhel6, but not in rhel7.

The detailed information for rhel6 is described below:

the Core and Base groups are always selected by default, so it is not necessary to specify them in the %packages section.


The detailed information for rhel7 is described below:

The Core group is always selected – it is not necessary to specify it in the %packages section.

From the above description, we can see that base group has been removed from the default installation.